Kirby's Epic Yarn

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Kirby's Epic Yarn

Kirby's Epic Yarn NA box art.png

Kirby's Epic Yarn Japanese box art.jpg

Box art for Kirby's Epic Yarn from various regions
Developer(s) Good-Feel, HAL Laboratory
Publisher(s) Nintendo
Designer(s) Kentaro Sei
Release date(s) Wii:
Japan October 14, 2010
NA October 17, 2010
Australia February 24, 2011
Europe February 25, 2011
South Korea September 1, 2011

Wii U (digital):
Europe May 21, 2015
Australia May 21, 2015
NA July 28, 2016
Japan August 9, 2016
Platform(s) Wii, Wii U (digital-only)
Rating(s) ESRB: ESRB E.png - Everyone
PEGI: PEGI 3+.png - 3+
CERO: CERO A.png - All ages
Game chronology
Kirby Super Star Ultra Kirby Mass Attack
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Kirby's Epic Yarn is a 2D side-scrolling platformer and a spinoff Kirby series title released for the Wii in 2010. It was first announced and shown at E3 2010. The main gimmick of the game is that Kirby, every enemy, and even the background are made of yarn. Kirby can pull the yarn from the scenery to find hidden gems or continue to go forward. Here, Kirby has a helper named Prince Fluff who he can fire at places normally inaccessible to get gems. Two players can play the game together at once as both Kirby and Prince Fluff.

Six years later, Kirby's Epic Yarn was ported to the Wii U as a downloadable eShop title. In 2019, the game received an enhanced port for the Nintendo 3DS, titled Kirby's Extra Epic Yarn.


Kirby is sent to Patch Land by Yin-Yarn.

A mysterious wizard named Yin-Yarn arrives in Dream Land and sprouts havoc among the citizens. The sorcerer uses his power to turn all of Dream Land into yarn. The puffball hero Kirby, while foraging for food unaware of the changes occurring in Dream Land, inhales Yin-Yarn's Metamato by mistake after mistaking it for a regular tomato. Afer witnessing this, Yin-Yarn then with anger uses a Magic Sock to send Kirby into Patch Land; a world made entirely of yarn and textiles. In Patch Land, Kirby discovers a blue puffball made of yarn under attack by a foe. Kirby attempts to inhale the foe, but fails, soon after realizing he is now made of yarn and the inhaled air passed right through his yarn body. Instead, he utilizes his newly acquired yarn powers granted to him from inhaling Yin-Yarn's Metamato to escape danger with the yarn puffball in a car of yarn. After, the yarn puffball introduces himself to Kirby as Prince Fluff and thanks him. Prince Fluff then explains to Kirby that they must restore the Patch Land world by finding the pieces of Magic Yarn in each of the seven worlds to sew them back together and restore the second Magic Sock that is kept by him so to return to Dream Land and defeat Yin-Yarn, as well as to restore Dream Land to its original form as well.

In the midst of Kirby and Prince Fluff restoring Patch Land, Yin-Yarn continues to wreak havoc back in Dream Land, managing to sneak into Castle Dedede and eventually send King Dedede into Patch Land after overrunning the castle with Yarn Waddle Dees, who were initially mistaken for average Waddle Dees. Yin-Yarn continues to take down the forces of Dream Land after, successfully sending Meta Knight into Patch Land as well after ambushing him and taking over the Halberd.

When Patch Land is finally fully repaired using the wayward strands of Magic Yarn, Kirby, Prince Fluff, Meta Knight, and King Dedede return to Dream Land using the restored second Magic Sock, only to find the place completely under the control of Yin-Yarn. Kirby and Prince Fluff eventually make their way to Yin-Yarn and battle with him. After his initial defeat, Yin-Yarn's knitting needles use a strand of Magic Yarn to transform him into Mega Yin-Yarn. Just then, Meta Knight flies in, dropping a Tankbot Metamortex for the puffballs. After the final duel, Yin-Yarn is ultimately defeated, and his knitting needles are flung from Dream Land all the way back to Patch Land. Both Patch Land and Dream Land are restored to their original form, and Kirby says a farewell to his new made friend Prince Fluff, keeping one of the Magic Socks as a memento and a means to visit him again.

Patch Land[edit]

The world of Patch Land, consisting of seven distinct areas.
Main article: Patch Land

After inhaling Yin-Yarn's Metamato, Kirby is abducted and thrown into a world known as Patch Land, which is a world divided into seven distinct sections. When Kirby first arrives, these sections have been torn from each other and float adrift. To bring them back together again, Kirby and Prince Fluff will need to obtain the pieces of Magic Yarn from various minions of Yin-Yarn, typically Bosses. Once Patch Land is fully stitched back up, Kirby and Prince Fluff travel to Dream Land where they face Yin-Yarn.

Areas of Patch Land & Dream Land[edit]

The seven areas of Patch Land are traversed before Kirby returns to Dream Land. These areas are as follows:

Areas of Patch Land & Dream Land  
Name Normal Stages Boss
Quilty Square None.
Grass Land Fangora
Hot Land Hot Wings
Treat Land Squashini
Water Land Capamari
Snow Land King Dedede
Space Land Meta Knight
Dream Land Yin-Yarn


Kirby in the Cool Cave stage of Hot Land.

Due to his body's different material, Kirby has lost his abilities to inhale and to hover, for air passes right through him. However, he can use special yarn-based transformations, enabling him to become things such as but not limited to a car, pendulum, submarine, parachute, and weight. Kirby can transform into these and other forms at will, but certain transformations will cost his ability to fight back, and some transformations, known as Metamortex Transformations, can only be used at certain points on stages (usually the end of the stage).[1] Kirby progresses through each land in a similar style to Kirby's Adventure or Kirby's Dream Land 2, where each land can be accessed via a large world hub, containing each stage. Kirby is also able to interact with these lands through patches he obtains after levels, which make in-game cutscenes affect the layout of the area.[2] In the game, Kirby owns an apartment room, which can be furnished with items and fabric obtainable through various means. The apartment complex is managed by Dom Woole, and more items can be purchased in shops ran by his brothers, with the use of beads found in each level. [3] Other residences live in the apartment complex as Kirby collects more items in-game.

All non-boss stages have three special items to be collected; two of them being furniture, and the third being a CD for the Tunes menu in Patch Plaza. In addition, Kirby may also collect three Bonus Bell panels that will enable the corresponding bead amounts to be available at the Goal Game wheel, located at the end of each stage. The wheel can provide Kirby with 200, 300, or 500 additional beads depending on the moment when Kirby tolls the bell. If the corresponding panels are obtained, the 200 bead bonus will cover half of the wheel, the 300 bead bonus most of the other side of the wheel, and the 500 bead bonus will cover a small segment of it. If the panel was not obtained, the corresponding part of the wheel will be empty, and landing there will yield no bonus.

A multiplayer function for two players is also available; the second player taking the role of Prince Fluff. Prince Fluff has identical abilities and capabilities as Kirby, except when using Metamortex transformation, where Kirby controls one part of the transformation, and Prince Fluff will control another part of it. If either Kirby or Prince Fluff falls too far behind, they can summon Angie to transport them to the other character. Angie will also ferry the two out of dangerous situations like bottomless pits, but this will cause them to drop some of their beads.

As a departure from all other games in the series, Kirby cannot take any damage or be defeated under any circumstances. Instead, when Kirby gets hit or falls down a pit, he loses a large abundance of beads, depending on how many he has. This means that it is impossible to receive a Game Over, and the player is guaranteed to clear each stage, but it adds an optional challenge for players who want to earn gold medals (determined by the bead count at the end of the stage) or unlock extra stages (by earning a sufficiently high bead score during boss fights). There is still a fail state in the mini games which Kirby can play with his apartment neighbors, however, which varies depending on the game being played.


Tankbot, one of Kirby's Metamortex transformations.

Normal transformations are different forms that Kirby can shapeshift into at will (With the exception of the Pendulum and Submarine, where Kirby must latch onto something or dive into water respectively).

Metamortex Transformations[edit]

These can be accessed by jumping into a Metamortex.


Lickeur, which only appears in a cutscene

Kirby's Epic Yarn is home to a large number of enemies, many of which are unique to this game (and Kirby's Extra Epic Yarn). Nearly all of them are made of yarn outlines, similar to Kirby and Prince Fluff, and of these, most can be unraveled using the Yarn Whip or defeated using a yarn ball, Weight transformation, or other attack. The following table lists every named enemy in Kirby's Epic Yarn:

Standard enemies  
Enemy Patch Plaza caption Description
This creature lives deep in the ocean. Don't be shocked if you see it! A water-dwelling snake-like creature that moves along predetermined paths and carries beads along its tail.
Amprey cannot be defeated, and must be avoided.
This guy smiles all the time, because he only has to wait for food to come his way. An anemone-like creature that will attempt to entangle Kirby or Fluff in its tendrils.
It can be defeated using a Yarn Ball or other attack.
This yarn Waddle Dee has lots of balloons. He wants to fly high! A Waddle Dee who floats upward using balloons.
If Kirby stands on the balloons, they will slowly shrink until they pop, causing the Waddle Dee to fall.
This bat strikes when you get close. He's a silent hunter. Battins hangs from ceilings and will attempt to swoop at Kirby or Fluff with his fangs out when they draw near.
These funky fish wear goggles. Is it fashion? Come on, they're fish. A round fish who attempts to bump into Kirby while in the water, but is helpless on land.
I hope this guy is a good swimmer, in case that spike pops his ring. A Uniclod that can float on the surface of water using his inner tube.
This weirdo will give you quite a lift if you jump on its head just right! A floating cloudy spring that Kirby can use to leap over big chasms.
This walking bomb has a skull on it. When it starts blinking, run! Bomber returns, acting the same as usual.
It can be collected using the Yarn Whip to be used as a bomb to clear obstacles.
This fake Waddle Dee has a bow and some odd aiming skills. A Waddle Dee equipped with a bow and arrows.
Kirby can grab the arrows or the bow using his yarn whip to use against the Waddle Dee.
Burt is a powerhouse. He can carry quite a load even while flying! Bronto Burt cannot harm Kirby directly in this game, but he can carry bombs and other enemies in to harass the pink yarn ball.
Yellow means CAUTION. Watch out for that stinger! A flying yellow button that may turn hostile and attack Kirby with its stinger.
Red means DANGER. This bug will chase you down, so be careful! A flying red button that actively seeks and hunts Kirby or Fluff.
Green means GO, but you still want to be careful around this guy! A flying green button that cannot directly harm Kirby or Fluff.
This angry little guy erupts constantly. Watch out for lava burns! A lava-dwelling creature that spews hot rocks from its head.
It can only be defeated using a Yarn Ball.
This hothead is very territorial, so don't get too close! A burning red salamander that crawls along walls and will try to charge Kirby as a fireball if he gets too close.
Chilly shoots a frigid blast from his body! That's not cool, dude. Chilly appears on the scene with his usual attack, which can freeze Kirby and Fluff solid.
This guy moves freely through the water and attacks quickly! Watch out! A spiky fish that will try to chase Kirby down.
It can be defeated using the Dolphin Metamortex.
He'll tackle you with all he's got! It won't hurt, but you may go flying! A round-headed creature that tries to throw Kirby and Fluff around by headbutting them.
He also likes to drive trucks.
This master shoots out balls of energy. Get up close to take him out! A headband-wearing creature that shoots Force Blasts out of his mouth.
These blasts can be collected and tossed back using the Yarn Whip.
He also likes to drive trucks.
Dweller of the deep, this monster uses his light to distract his prey! A large deep-sea fish that tries to inhale Kirby and Fluff, but can be defeated by pulling on his light.
These guys are always by themselves at parties. They're real ceiling drips! An animate drop of water that drips from ceilings and can be wrapped up into yarn balls.
This guy loves his burning lifestyle and definitely hates water. A living ball of fire that can be defeated using the Fire Engine Metamortex.
Some say there are beads hidden in this snake's burning body! Can you believe it?! A snaking creature made of fire that can be destroyed using the Fire Engine Metamortex to yield beads and treasures.
These are Hot Wings's kids. They'll come after you just like their mom! Small birds made of fire that fly at Kirby during the Hot Wings boss fight.
Approaching this spinner causes it to erupt into flames. I warned you! Flamer returns to crawl along walls and try to tackle Kirby and Fluff.
Its body emits light in dark places.
Freezo may look festive, but it's an ice-cube party if you touch him! An icy variant of Shotzo that can freeze Kirby or Fluff solid with his shots.
Unlike Shotzo, Freezo can be defeated using the Weight or a Yarn Ball.
His bite is dangerous, but he can't do much with a closed mouth! A stationary upward-pointing gator that tries to chomp on Kirby and Fluff as they jump on his nose as a platform.
He has a spiky body but soft eyes. It's just better to avoid him. Gordo returns, serving the same indestructible hazardous role as usual.
That pink headband means business! Grizzo will charge you with all his might! Grizzo makes a brief appearance in this game.
His charge can break through Star Blocks.
This jelly floats around, shocking anything in its way with 10,000 volts! A small water-dwelling jellyfish that occasionally flares up with electricity.
These are Krackos-in-training. They're not very strong, but they sure work well as a team! A smaller variant of Kracko that appears alongside its larger namesake in Cloud Palace.
These guys live in magma. They sink if you step on them. Careful! Lava-dwelling legless creatures that act as slowly sinking platforms if stepped on.

This mariner has a cannon. Don't take his strange head lightly!

This mariner will shish your kebab if you're not careful!

This mariner has a sword. He's clearly under Yin-Yarn's control.

This mariner may try and call for backup troops! That's not good...

Blocky blue Soldiers that carry a variety of weapons and are found in Boom Boatyard.
These are Capamari's wacky kids. They all attack at once. Small round-headed orange octopuses that try to attack Kirby during the Capamari boss fight.
This cheeky monkey is bananas about throwing beads everywhere! A harmless tree-swinging creature that tosses beads at regular intervals until it runs out.
This space bug likes to attack in formation with a swarm of its closest friends. A bright blue flying button that attacks in swarms out in space.
This yarn Waddle Dee's parasol keeps him safe from rain, sun, or foes! A Waddle Dee that wields a parasol which blocks yarn whips and projectiles.
Kirby can stand atop the parasol if angled upward.
This big lug will just keep rolling until he hits something. A large round rolling creature covered in spikes.
He can be defeated using a Yarn Ball or the Weight (but the latter method will also hurt the attacker).
This guy packs one of the most dangerous saws in the ocean! A saw shark that tries to pursue Kirby and Fluff in the water.
The face of an angel? long as you don't get Scarfy mad! Scarfy returns to harass Kirby, and are immune to his yarn whip, but can be defeated through other means.
It must feel nice to float around all day. Beware of its stinging tentacles! An inappropriately-named air-dwelling jellyfish that shoots irritating spores at Kirby and Fluff.
Snails are lonely, so when he sees someone new, he tackles them with joy! A snail-like creature that attacks by rolling into a ball and quickly charging, contrary to normal expectations of his speed.
This indestructible cannon packs quite a wallop! Shotzo appears once again, serving the same purpose as usual by firing regular shots at Kirby and Fluff.
This sticky-tongued monster will try to lick just about anything! A bulky creature that tries to lap up Kirby or Fluff with its tongue.
This thief steals beads and disappears if you touch him! A bag-shaped creature that runs from Kirby and Fluff and grabs any beads he comes into contact with.
He drops beads if defeated from afar, but will disappear otherwise.
This snapper lives in tight spaces. It can stretch like you wouldn't believe! A snaking line creature that tries to chase after Kirby or Fluff when they are navigating passages in the Snake form.
They can be made to plug into electrical outlets.

This soldier has a cannon, so you better look out! Those shots are dangerous!

This soldier wields a spear... Do you think he gets paid more than the Sword Soldier?

I bet this guy wouldn't be such a big shot without his sword!

This soldier can call for help, so be sure to deal with him quickly!

Squared-off footmen who wield varying weapons but are not particularly threatening in small numbers.
These guys work behind the seams to stitch together new platforms! Small squiggly creatures that move quickly through fabric to sew new platforms during the Yin-Yarn boss fight.
Their needles will prick Kirby if he makes contact with them.
This alien being floats through space, dropping energy spheres everywhere! A large space-faring jellyfish that shoots out balls of electricity.
This fake Waddle Dee recklessly twirls around a spear. Look out! A Waddle Dee carrying a spear that can prick Kirby or Fluff on contact.
The spear can be taken using the Yarn Whip.
A Spore Jelly just floats about, dropping spores on everything. Surprise! Contrary to its name and description, Spore Jelly appears in the Outer Rings stage to attack Kirby and Fluff using energy projectiles.
This big slug likes to crush his foes. He spits some mean thread, too! A large caterpillar that attacks using silk balls and body slams.
This ghost gives off a nice glow. Wrap him up and use him as a lantern! A spectral ball of light that harms Kirby on contact. He can be wrapped up into a ball to help Kirby see in the dark.
This enemy is wrapped in bandages and mystery... So he thinks. A Cyclod (or Sneak Sack) wrapped in bandages to resemble a mummy.
Swadclod can attack by extending his bandages.
Don't let this crazy hot rod win! Show him who's the king of the road! A truck monster is either a Waddle Dee, a Cyclod, or Dandan driving a truck.
They are faced on the road in Pyramid Sands, Dusk Dunes, and Frigid Fjords.
These trees live in the forests of Dream Land. They have great leaves! Smaller cousins of Whispy Woods that drop Gordos from their canopies unless stopped.
This creature's moves are unpredictable, and his aim is very precise! UFO appears in late game stages to shoot lasers at Kirby and Fluff.
Uniclod is very proud of his horn... That's why he wants to spear everyone with it. A Cyclod with a horn on his head who charges Kirby and Fluff to attack them.
Yin-Yarn made these impostors! They look just like the real ones! Fake Waddle Dees made of yarn that are helpless without some other implement.
They also like to drive trucks.
This big-eyed Waddle Doo may be a fake, but that beam is as nasty as the real thing! Waddle Doo uses his beam attack to harass Kirby and Fluff as usual.

*There are multiple variations of these enemies.


While not strictly distinguished from common enemies, Mid-Bosses in Kirby's Epic Yarn serve as more substantial obstacles for Kirby and Prince Fluff to overcome. The following table lists all of them, whether they be mentioned in the Patch Plaza or not:

Name Patch Plaza caption Description
This huge mariner shoots a huge cannon. Steal his huge shots and return huge fire! A larger version of Cannon Mariner who needs to be hit multiple times to be defeated.
N/A The Combo Cannon appears as an obstacle for Kirby to overcome on the Battleship Halberd stage.
It fires large button cannonballs and shoots out a yarn laser.
N/A A variant of the Reactor that appears in the Moon Base stage.
The fluffy body looks soft, but that big eye will shoot bolts that are anything but...! Kracko appears as a mid-boss in the Cloud Palace stage.
He attacks using lightning and by sending out Li'l Krackos.
As he sustains damage, he becomes smaller and smaller.
N/A The Reactor appears as an obstacle for Kirby to overcome on the Battleship Halberd stage.
It shoots out fire from its cannons and summons UFOs at a regular interval.
This is one of Kracko's distant relatives. He attacks along with his Li'l Krackos. A dark version of Kracko that appears in the Outer Rings stage.
He attacks in a similar manner to Kracko, though he also shoots out meteors.
This forest king has lived in Dream Land for ages. He's always in Kirby's way. Whispy Woods blocks Kirby's path at the end of Whispy's Forest.
He tries to throw apples and air bullets at Kirby, but these can be easily shot down by the Tankbot's missiles.
Scary inhabitant of Weird Woods, this is one spooky tree! A roadblock tree that lets out spores and is weak against the Saucer Metamortex's lightning attack.


Each land aside from Quilty Square has a stage dedicated to a boss encounter. The bosses of Kirby's Epic Yarn are as follows:

Boss Patch Plaza caption Description World
This flaming guardian can breathe fire but will drop its guard when tired. A large green dragon that attacks using fire breath and its pointed tongue, but tires easily. Grass Land
This guardian of the volcano shoots fire from her wings! Avoid getting burned! A large phoenix that attacks using its fiery wings and by sending Embirds after Kirby, but is weak to Yarn Balls. Hot Land
The villain of Treat Land has more than a few mean tricks up his sleeve! A wily gourd-headed magician that attacks using many magic tricks, but has a weak spot under his hat. Treat Land
This sea monster is rather vain. I wonder what the deal with that knit cap is...? A giant octopus that disguises itself as a squid using a knit cap.
Its weak point lies on its head between the eyes.
Water Land
This selfish Dream Land king wields a big hammer that's almost as big as his mouth! King Dedede is made to fight Kirby after being transformed into a yarn outline and tied to puppet strings.
Attacking King Dedede causes the strings to drop, which can then be pulled on to unravel them.
Snow Land
This space guardian fell under Yin-Yarn's spell! Luckily, it all worked out! Meta Knight is made to fight Kirby after being transformed into a yarn outline and given flaming swords.
Each of these swords needs to be destroyed in turn in order to break the spell.
Space Land
This sorcerer uses his knitting needles to weave his evil all across Dream Land! The main villain of Kirby's Epic Yarn.
Yin-Yarn attacks by using his knitting needles and the power of the Magic Yarn to conjure enemies for Kirby to fight.
Dream Land
Yin-Yarn used the power of the Metamato to transform into a mighty robot tank! Yin-Yarn takes a form similar to a Tankbot in a last-ditch effort to defeat Kirby and Prince Fluff.
The heroes in turn become a Tankbot to retaliate against him, and a battle of flying missiles ensues for the fate of Dream Land and Patch land both.
Dream Land


Neighbors live beside Kirby's Pad in Quilty Square. All can be contacted for playing mini-games.

Neighbor Game Apartment
Zeke Zeke's Hide-and-Seek Apartment 102
Beadrix Beadrix's Run Apartment 201
Carrie Carrie's Transport Apartment 202
Buster Buster's Training Apartment 301
Mara Mara's Race Apartment 302


The following is a list of staff who have worked on Kirby's Epic Yarn:

Staff of Kirby's Epic Yarn
Position Developer(s)
Director Kentaro Sei
Planning Director Atsushi Kono
Planning Yuichi Abe
Yuta Bundo
Akira Kawase
Yosuke Suda
Takanori Mori
Yudai Shibata
Tomoya Sugiyama
Yasunori Fujimoto
Programming Director Hironori Kuraoka
Programming Yuhei Matsuda
Naoya Abe
Yuji Shibata
Yasuhiro Masuoka
Keita Sakunaga
Satoshi Kobayashi
Kazunobu Sameshima
Tomonori Kowari
Design Director Kazumasa Yonetani
Design Atsuko Ichii
Akiko Izumi
Asami Kawabata
Yoshihiro Hobo
Yuko Ito
Yoshie Nobe
Ayaka Miyazawa
Satoko Ozaki
Sachiko Hara
Mehumi Watanabe
Akiko Konagaya
Misako Akaike
Ayano Otsuka
Yuichi Nakamura
Masaya Okada
Masahiko Toda
Music & Sound Effects Tomoya Tomita
Programming Advisor Koichi Yagi
Visual Concept Tadanori Tsukawaki
Game Design Concept Madoka Yamauchi
Assistant Director Keita Kawaminami
Special Thanks Yoshikazu Isono
Mayuko Sato
Manabu Matsumoto
Hiroshi Fujie
Tomohiro Minemura
Masahiro Shiotani
Sound Tadashi Ikegami
Jun Ishikawa
Hirokazu Ando
Voice Makiko Ohmoto (Kirby)
Tomoko Nakamura (Prince Fluff)
Yuko Tsuga (narrator - Japanese)
Pablo Magaz (narrator - Latin American Spanish)
France Marien (narrator - French-Canadian)
Dave White (narrator - North American English)
Paul Vaughan (narrator (British English)
Olivier Deslandes (narrator - European French)
Wolf Kähler (narrator - German)
Massimo Marinoni (narrator - Italian)
Carlos Riera (narrator - European Spanish)
Sun Lee (narrator - Korean)

Side UK
Martin Vaughan (Casting Director for the UK version[4])
Chris Skrzyper (Sound Engineer for the UK version[4])
Technical Support Tomohiro Umeda
Debug NOA Product Testing
NOA Localization Management Nate Bihldorff
Reiko Ninomiya
Tim O'Leary
Leslie Swan
NOA Localization Gema Almoguera
Hélène Bisson-Pelland
Anne-Marie Laperrière
Ed Murray
César Pérez
Scot Ritchey
NOE Localisation Management Erkan Kasap
Paul Logue
Micky Auer
Matthew Mawer
Localisation Coordination Barbara Wallace
Amaury Bagnariol
Translation Ed Murray
Scot Ritchey
Philip Reuben
Anne-Marie Laperrière
Hélène Bisson-Pelland
Anthony Fouillen
Julien Venault
Frithjof Koepp
Jesko von Werthern
Maurizio Minunni
Giacomo Iacumin
Gema Almoguera
César Pérez
ónatan Marcos Millán
Miguel Sánchez Esteban
Rika Yamamoto
NOE Quality Assurance Stefania Montagnese
Oliver Bates
Brian Sim
Gurcharn Jeer
Sabrina Jouillat
Jonathan Bolzer
Marie Pinault
Sascha Voß
Christian Keller
Zoran Tasevski
Pasquale Miceli
Marco Maspero
Pietro Bargagli Stoffi
J. Ignacio León López
Diego Ruiz Pomares
Ramón Aguas Ferrero
Korean Localization Management Yu Fukaya
Hyokjin Jung
Kimiko Nakamichi
Korean Localization Dongyeon Kim
Yunhye Lee
Korean Product Support Jonghoon Park
Ilho Kim
Korean Product Testing Junbong Lee
Sungmin Park
Seokju Kim
Kitae Kim
Jaeyoon Jung
NOK Debug Team
Mario Club Co., Ltd.
Akihiro Sakatani
Artwork Tetsuya Notoya
Rieko Kawahara
Yumiko Sano
Siyoung An
Jiyoung Shin
Artwork Support Hisayo Osanai
Sachiko Nakamichi
Keiko Uetani
Kieko Inoue
Character Supervisor Masanobu Yamamoto
Coordination Emi Watanabe
Producer Etsunobu Ebisu
Yoichi Yamamoto
Nbuo Matsumiya
Senior Producer Shigeharu Umezaki
Masayoshi Tanimura
Hiroshi Sato
General Producer Shinya Takahashi
Executive Producer Satoru Iwata
Developed by Good Feel
HAL Laboratory

Nintendo, Good-Feel and HAL Laboratory, Inc. are the authors of this software for the purpose of copyright. All rights reserved.
©2010-2011 Nintendo / Good-Feel
©2010-2011 HAL Laboratory, Inc. / Nintendo


Kirby's Epic Yarn was called the best of E3 by many sites, including Kotaku, 1-Up, and GameSpot.

Post-release, Kirby's Epic Yarn had seen high praise from critics, with an average 90% Score on Metacritic. said the "incredibly creative art direction is well worth the experience." Gamespot had called it an "an absolute joy".[5]

One of the more common complaints of the game was regarding the difficulty, in which Kirby cannot be defeated, unlike all other games in the franchise. However, it has been noted the challenge of the game spawns from collecting gold medals on all stages and finding all secret treasures.


  • The titular use of the word "yarn" may refer to both definitions of the word; the actual material of the game world, and that the game is narrated.
    • The same can be said for "epic", as it can be used as an adjective or as a type of story.
  • Kirby's Epic Yarn originally started as a non-Kirby game starring a character named Fluff named Fluff's Epic Yarn[6], which may be where Prince Fluff comes from. However, in the Summer of 2009, it was made into a Kirby game due to the previous game not being enjoyable, though made more fun as a Kirby game[7].
  • The developer of Kirby's Epic Yarn, Good-Feel, have also released Yoshi games in similar concepts: Yoshi's Woolly World, Poochy & Yoshi's Woolly World and Yoshi's Crafted World.
    • Interestingly, the data for every stage in this game appears deep in the files of Yoshi's Woolly World. These were most likely used for testing in the early stages of development.


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Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese 毛糸のカービィ
Keito no Kābii
Yarn Kirby
Chinese 毛線卡比[8]
Máoxiàn Kǎbǐ
Yarn Kirby
Canadian French Kirby's Epic Yarn -
European French Kirby - Au fil de l'aventure Kirby - On the thread of adventure
German Kirby und das magische Garn Kirby and the magic Yarn
Italian Kirby e la stoffa dell'eroe Kirby and the fabric of the hero
Korean 털실 커비 이야기
teolsil keobi iyagi
Yarn Kirby Story
Latin American Spanish Kirby's Epic Yarn -
European Spanish Kirby en el reino de los hilos Kirby in the kingdom of threads

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