Kirby and the Forgotten Land

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Release date(s): Spring 2022

Kirby and the Forgotten Land

KatFL Key art.jpg

KPN KatFL.jpg

Key art for Kirby and the Forgotten Land from various regions.
Developer(s) HAL Laboratory
Publisher(s) Nintendo
Release date(s) Spring 2022 (most regions)[1]
Australia Autumn 2022[2]
Platform(s) Nintendo Switch
Rating(s) ESRB: ESRB E10+.png - Everyone 10+
PEGI: PEGI 7+.png - 7+
CERO: CERO A.png - All ages
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Kirby and the Forgotten Land is an upcoming main-series Kirby game for the Nintendo Switch, set to be released in spring of 2022. It is the first main-series title to take place in a 3D environment rather than a linear side-scrolling 2D space. The game was announced in the Nintendo Direct on September 23rd, 2021.[1]


Kirby and the Forgotten Land takes place on a mysterious world different from Popstar. Kirby washes up on the shores of an abandoned land, filled with decaying structures from an ancient civilization. The world, described as a "mix of civilization and nature",[3] is populated with many creatures both familiar and new. As he explores the area, Kirby finds and frees Waddle Dees from golden cages, one of which is attached to a boss. The main enemies of the game are called the ビースト軍団 (Beast Army),[4] and resemble various real-life animals. The main objective of the game is to save kidnapped creatures from evil forces,[5] although it is currently unclear if only Waddle Dees were kidnapped, and if it is the Beast Army that is responsible for the captures.


A gameplay scene, showing Kirby exploring an overgrown city.

Kirby and the Forgotten Land is the first mainline Kirby game to take place in a 3D setting, albeit with Kirby having much of the same moveset as in the 2D games. He can walk, dash, and jump to move around each level. He can hover as always, but it appears to have a limited height in this game, unlike the unlimited height seen in 2D titles. Kirby can also guard against incoming attacks and dodge out of harm's way. Lastly, he keeps his trademark ability to inhale objects, including larger ones, and spit them out as projectiles. It seems that Star Bullets do not appear in this game, and Kirby instead spits out objects as-is, much like in Kirby 64: The Crystal Shards. The familiar Copy Abilities also return, now with expanded attacks that take advantage of the third dimension. Some allow Kirby to use targeting for ranged firing.[5]

The game does not appear to be an open-world game, as it is said in official sources that Kirby runs through stages as he looks for goals.[6][7][8] However, details about how the game is exactly structured are currently unknown. Collectibles along the way include food, as well as new objects of unknown purpose, such as coins with a design similar to Score Coins (that can be found out in the open, by defeating enemies, and by solving puzzles), a green diamond, a gachapon capsule, and even a pile of bananas. It is not yet known how Kirby travels to and from each stage, but he is seen riding a Warp Star to various locations. Stages are much more open-ended than in previous installments, and doors appear to be fewer in number. The main objective appears to involve freeing Waddle Dees from cages, rather than simply reaching a goal door.

Copy Abilities[edit]

Screenshot showing one of Needle Kirby's new moves which takes advantage of the 3-D space.

The following Copy Abilities have been revealed:[1]

The following Copy Abilities were not shown yet, but enemies that give them were:

The ESRB rating description of the game also mentions a blaster-type pistol as an example of a Copy Ability, and it's currently unknown which one it is referring to.[5]


The following characters have been revealed:[1]

  • Kirby
  • Waddle Dees
  • A group of chicks that follow Kirby
  • A blue bat-like creature that accompanies Kirby


Kirby avoiding one of the game's new enemies while traversing a beachside.

The following enemies have been revealed:[1]


Kirby battling a giant gorilla-like boss in the city to rescue more Waddle Dees.

The following Boss has been revealed:[1]

  • A giant gorilla-like creature


  • The existence of the game was accidentally leaked on a schedule for the Nintendo Direct of September 23rd, 2021 only a few hours prior to being broadcasted.[9] A similar circumstance likewise happened with Kirby Fighters 2, nearly on the same date a year earlier.
  • The internal files for Kirby Fighters 2 contain partially complete code for "Kirby3d", which may be related to this game.[10]
  • The Latin script logo for this game features a new version of the main Kirby series title font. This is the first time any main-series title has adjusted the said font since Kirby: Nightmare in Dream Land in 2002.


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Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese 星のカービィ ディスカバリー
Hoshi no Kābyi Disukabarī
Kirby of the Stars: Discovery
Traditional Chinese 星之卡比 探索發現
Xīng Zhī Kǎbǐ Tànsuǒ Fāxiàn
Kirby of the Stars: Discovery
Simplified Chinese 星之卡比 探索发现
Xīng Zhī Kǎbǐ Tànsuǒ Fāxiàn
Dutch Kirby en de Vergeten Wereld Kirby and the Forgotten World
Canadian French Kirby and the Forgotten Land -
European French Kirby et le monde oublié Kirby and the forgotten world
German Kirby und das vergessene Land Kirby and the forgotten Land
Italian Kirby e la terra perduta Kirby and the lost land
Korean 별의 커비 디스커버리
Byeorui keobi diseukeobeori
Kirby of the Stars: Discovery
Latin American Spanish Kirby and the Forgotten Land -
European Spanish Kirby y la tierra olvidada Kirby and the forgotten land

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