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Hi, I'm Gigi! I'm a Brazilian young adult that has loved Kirby since around early 2009.

I'm an administrator and bureaucrat of WiKirby! I'm also the wiki's current Editor-in-Chief. That means I'm the leading staff member, and the best person to contact if you have any questions related to the wiki and its policies, need help with anything, or need something admin or bureaucrat related to be done like a text replace or account rename: feel free to leave me a message in my talk page or message me on Discord, I'll be more than happy to help!

What I've been doing here[edit]

I've been checking the already existing music pages and editing them to add any missing info I can remember. I've also been uploading audio files to those pages that need them. My goal is to eventually mark more music pages as "Good". I'm also sometimes creating more music pages, starting with more known music of the franchise.

I've been also hunting down missing images for the copy abilities and uploading them here on the wiki, while I expand the big gallery page for the copy ability page. I've been also checking manuals and adding quotes from them to pages, and in the future I plan to upload certain images from them to the wiki.

And, of course, while what I just mentioned is my focus, that's not all I do. In general, as the Editor-in-Chief, I am WiKirby's representative and leader, and so I do my best to help the wiki head to the best direction: that means helping users, guiding and overseeing other staff members, organizing projects, defining policies, to name a few duties. I am also very open to suggestions, ideas and feedback, so, once again, feel free to message me if you want! And as an admin and bureaucrat, I help maintain the content of the wiki in various ways, such as taking care of protected pages, deleting articles and files if they are deemed unneeded, and adjusting users' ranks.

Kirby related things[edit]

Favorite Second favorite Third favorite
Main series title KPR Box.png TD Boxart NA.jpg Star Allies Cover.jpg
Copy ability KPR Mirror artwork.png KSqSArtMagic.png KPR ESP artwork.png