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About WiKirby!

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WiKirby is a wiki dedicated to all aspects of the Kirby franchise, as produced by HAL Laboratory and distributed by Nintendo. Our primary focus is on the series of video games, with secondary focus on other Kirby related media such as the anime, merchandise, staff members of HAL Laboratory and Nintendo, and tertiary focus on related Nintendo works such as the Super Smash Bros. series and cameo appearances by other video game characters.

Founded in 2010, the wiki strives to be a massive, detailed, professional, and charming repository of Kirby knowledge on the web, while remaining independent in operation both from Nintendo and from wiki farms such as FANDOM or Gamepedia. WiKirby operates under a formal alliance with other video game wikis in an organization known as NIWA, and seeks to cooperate with these partner wikis in any way possible, whether that takes the form of linking to them via hyperlinks in article text, or sharing information, strategies, and editors with them.

Our mission

WiKirby seeks to provide the most accurate, complete, and concise information about the Kirby series while also matching the quirks and charm of its source material. WiKirby believes that proper coverage of Kirby and his antics must be done with the utmost care, and with the same sort of joviality that the Pink Puffball uses to endear us to him. As such, articles are written in a careful balance between useful information and playful banter. WiKirby seeks to entertain its readers in addition to educating them, and wants to provide a complete picture of all its subject material without making the reader feel like their time has been wasted.

As WiKirby is a wiki, the articles in question are subject to change from any willing contributors, and as such, the wiki should be considered perpetually unfinished. In addition to the writing standards lain above, WiKirby also seeks to assist inexperienced wiki users as best it can, and forgive their mistakes as they learn the craft. Readers who spot mistakes or missing information in articles are more than welcome to pop into the editing booth and make contributions, and should not fear reprisal for doing so.


WiKirby first came online on January 24th, 2010. It was created as a joint effort from users from other NIWA wikis, namely Tacopill of Lylat Wiki, Adam of Zelda Wiki, Moydow of Fire Emblem Wiki, and Axiomist, who became WiKirby's original owner. These users and others worked diligently to create the groundwork for the wiki and saw it through the early days, dealing with many problems along the way.

As time went by, Axiomist continued his work, and new users came to occupy the upper echelons of staff via their efforts, including Vellidragon and T.c.w7468. Unfortunately, its founding user Axiomist (real name Joshua P. LeJeune) passed away, and Vellidragon assumed the mantle of WiKirby's lead administrator and bureaucrat. Not long after Axiomist's untimely death, the wiki fell into a state of dormancy for several years.

Starting in 2015, new life was breathed into the wiki when a separate Kirby fan community - first operating under "The Kirby Club" and then under "Meta Naito" (both sites are now defunct) - took interest in the site. Operating from the Discord server of "Shiver Star", they began to make large updates to the wiki, including the infamous Kirby & The Amazing Mirror mapping project and covering the then-newly-announced game Kirby: Planet Robobot. At the time, Vellidragon and Tacopill took notice of this activity, and began to inquire. A deal was made to formally induct the Shiver Star server as WiKirby's official Discord server and appoint the server's leader Fubaka as a new administrator.

From then on, activity continued on the wiki in fits and spurts as the discord server slowly grew, benefiting greatly from the partnership. Additionally, affiliations were made with another independent fan site known as Kirby Informer. Not long after WiKirby surpassed the 3000 article milestone in 2019, Vellidragon fell into inactivity, and Fubaka was appointed as the first official Editor-in-Chief under Tacopill's supervision. In March of 2020, Fubaka retired from the Editor-in-Chief position, and it passed to YoshiFlutterJump. He held the position until April 2021, when he retired and a third Editor-in-Chief was elected, Gigi, who currently holds the position. The wiki continues to grow steadily, with up to hundreds of edits being made daily by its relatively small, but dedicated user base.

Additional pieces of history can be found on the Archive page.

What is WiKirby up to right now?

At this moment, the primary project continues to be the filling of missing information regarding various games, characters, and other subjects, while keeping up to date with the newest releases. In addition, many existing pages are being refurbished to make them cleaner, more complete, and more concise. Anyone who wishes to assist with these efforts can find more specific instructions on the Maintenance or Current events pages.

WiKirby thanks all of its readers, and wishes them peaceful sleep and hopeful dreams.