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WiKirby needs your help!

Despite all the progress made so far, WiKirby still has many shady spots and missing bits that need to be cleaned up! This page serves to document all the major things that still need doing around the site. Users who take on these tasks should be mindful of any relevant policy before proceeding.

List of things to fix
  1. Article creation. This is a list of uncreated articles.
  2. Stub fixing. See this category for details.
  3. Pages with incomplete sections. See this category for details.
  4. Unfinished pages that might have been abandoned. See this category for details.
  5. Pages to rewrite. See this category for details.
  6. File uploading. See this category for details.
    1. More official artwork of characters, enemies, levels, and items.
    2. More screenshots of levels, stages, and other gameplay.
    3. Gallery pages and sections need to be filled.
    4. Low quality image replacing. (see this category)
    5. More audio clips (see this category)
  7. File sourcing. See this category for details. (as of now, the vast majority of these are there because they need their aboutfile templates updated, and are not actually unsourced)
  8. More article categorizing. See this page for all categories in the dependency tree, or this page for all categories in alphabetical order.
  9. Template documentation. See this list for all template pages.

If you find you are having trouble navigating these categories and want something more specific to do, please head to this handy Project Clean-Up page, which is managed by Kirb.

Any help you can give is greatly appreciated!