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All entries copyright © 2021 to WiKirby and their respective writers. This site bears no affiliation with Nintendo, nor do we guarantee that our site's content reflects their official policies. Kirby, King Dedede and all other characters from the Kirby series are trademarks of Nintendo.

In addition, the various imagery on WiKirby is user-uploaded and retrieved from various websites throughout the internet. These images may not be under the GNU Free Documentation License and should be tagged with the appropriate image template when necessary. If you wish to use any of these images for your own projects, please contact the webmaster of the image's source website. However, although the source of the image may have been an outside website not attributed with one of the owners of WiKirby, that source may not hold the copyright of the image. Images that depict Kirby, King Dedede and all other characters from the Kirby series are trademarks of Nintendo, and the copyright holder is Nintendo.

As this is a free and open Kirby encyclopedia, we also cannot guarantee the validity of our articles. Most of them are very accurate; however, there are vandals on the internet who wish to change the content for the worse. While these are not tolerated on WiKirby and will be corrected as soon as they are spotted, they do happen, and therefore we cannot guarantee that the same standard of validity will hold true for every article.

Please also be advised that WiKirby contains spoiler material that may reveal information related to the Kirby series a reader may not have wished to know. You view WiKirby at your own risk, and WiKirby cannot be held responsible if unsatisfactory or inaccurate information is processed. Likewise, the owner of WiKirby cannot be held responsible for the content and images that its users write and upload, and this content does not necessarily reflect the views of the owner of WiKirby.